When Bishop James Roosevelt Bailey dedicated Seton Hall to his aunt, Mother Elizabeth Seton, he recognized her pivotal role in establishing Catholic education in the U.S. Over 155 years later, Seton Hall University continues to play a role in inspiring the minds of young and old with the richness of Catholic intellectual tradition.


Within Seton Hall, the Center for Catholic Studies is dedicated to presenting this rich heritage not as one that exists in the past, but as a living tradition, one that is dynamic, evolving, historically conscious, and open to the world. The Center is not immune, however, to economic pressures and the force of change. Your funds support new and innovative ways to celebrate Seton Hall’s rich intellectual heritage and preserve its strong Catholic Identity and mission.

You may provide general support for the Center’s programs or direct your gift to a specific area, such as:

  • Student Scholarships
    for students majoring and minoring in Catholic Studies

  • Fr. Walter Debold Scholarship Fund
    for students participating in the Center’s study abroad programs

  • Endowment Support
    for the long-term security of the Center

  • The William J. Toth Endowed Professorship
    to support visiting professors in interdisciplinary studies at Seton Hall

  • Program Support
    for lecture series, faculty development, annual conferences and publication support

  • Institute Support
    Bernard J. Lonergan Institute
    Micah Institute for Business and Economics
    G.K. Chesterton Institute for Faith & Culture

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